Talofa Lava & Welcome

This blog is a canvas for stories of the unique voice of inbetween. . .’Afa Kasi voices.

My name is Grace Taylor, a ‘afakasi women residing in Aukilani, Niu Sila.  I am a spoken word poet, youth worker and currently completing my Masters in Youth Development.  I am passionate about ‘afa kasi identity, how it is shaped, explored and expressed.  I am embarking on a malaga of empowering the voices of ‘afa kasi generations to be heard – this blog is one way to provide that opportunity.

To date academic research around ‘afa kasi identity is drawn from foreign hybrid or bi-racial theories that just don’t seem to speak truthfully to the unique experience of being a Pasifika ’afa kasi.  This blog is a step forward in the movement for research of our people to be carried out by our own people. 

You are invited to share your own ‘afa kasi stories, to talanoa with others in which ever medium you choose – written poetry, performance poetry, storytelling, converstations, visual art, videos of dance or just posting up your experiences. 

For those that share your words, it is a honour and for those that may read, thankyou.

Ia Manuia Lava

Grace Teuila Evelyn Taylor


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