Daren Kamali


Submitted on 2011/06/14 at 10:34

loving it afakasi-half caste-kai loma-i’m all of the above, bring it on..keep it flowing..It’s a Afakasi World…lets live in it..love..dk

loving it afakasi-half caste-kai loma-i’m all of the above, bring it on..keep it flowing..It’s a Afakasi World…lets live in it..love..dk

Daren Kamali
Submitted on 2011/06/02 at 04:18

Talofa Grace,
I love this idea, will pass around. Here is my final say on Afakasi, halfcaste, for me personally I now know where I stand, and I reject cultural gate keepers and those eugenics subscribers who seek to define all and everything… whilst I support what you are doing, I am no longer Afakasi…
Doug xxxxxx

Pouliuli 23

I am no longer a part of you Samoa

The sun has set on my “half caste” blood

no longer yearn for you

You speak in rhyme and talk of

skin – no room for the “Afakasi”

I used to tell you this – I am Samoan

It is my birth right to claim my

Grandmother’s Samoan Heart

Call Tula’ele home

recalling cousins crowded around

The breadfruit tree to see

The white boy

The white skin

The Afakasi – Shouting palagi palagi palagi

I have no inheritance the land is gone

My grandmother is gone

no feet to place in the soil of my Aiga

It is gone – so I am walking

I tell my children

they do not know who you are & where you come from

calling to peers to

see me hear me perform with me accept me

crying to ancestors

why did you forsake me in this skin?

“Half caste” is lost is sinking is nothing

Afakasi is phony pepelo mule – liar!

Has no claim to title no place to plant

No fale to burn – no land to yearn

I do not belong to this world

I am Pouliuli a pepelo I am Ulupe

made to wear it oh so well,

so let me ask you this…

What is Palagi? What is Afakasi?

This is my story only, it is the way I was raised, My Grandmother Edwina Ulberg, after I sobbed being teased in Samoa – “Palagi! Palagi!” consoled me, she said to me “they don’t know who we are, and where we come from”, I never forget that.

I remember being called called a pepelo mule by my best friends Samoan mum, I laughed and clowned around even more saying “My Grandmother is a Samoan Princess!” we descend from the Tuailiemafua title from Safune, Savaii, and she was of Paramount title descent also (which one I am uncertain; her mother was a powerful Mataafa clan women who put many men in there place too!).

There is a place for us all, and for me I stand on my own ground. Don’t get me started on being called a German Samoan OMG! We are Norwiegan Descent: Peter Christian Ulberg was a Naturalised American citizen (San Francisco) from Ulberg farm,Oslo, Norway… here is some more…

Hey you can post any of this if you want…I will do it…

Love to you and Dk xxxxxx

Pouliuli 5
To Great Uncle Otto Ulberg

We rented in Te Atatu Peninsula’

the real estate broom had swept out

lower socioeconomic undesirables

A drunken “full blood” who worked

with Anja cried,

‘Oh you are afakasi, you’re German,’

So’onofai a “full-blooded” Samoan

married Peter Christian Ulberg

a Norwegian.

‘Pah!’ she spat ‘You are ´Ulupe!’

Chris recovers from a stroke,

Clara’s lungs are under attack

from Rheumatoid Arthritis

We sit together and laugh about

Drunk full-bloods when

Bainimarama announces Coup

Western backed democracies,

I am the broom, for the people.

Chris is Fijian, he agrees, who

will stand against a silent majority?

Clara tells a childhood story of

Uncle Otto stripping Cacao in

The shade of a breadfruit tree

the young ones watch as a ripe

breadfruit falls from the low

branch on top of his head,

‘´Ulupe!’ we cried ‘´Ulupe!’

you see, that is the Ulberg,

that is what they called us.

Half Caste

Homesick golden haired
palagi boy
comes home to Apia
with his aged Matriarch
Grandmother Edwina;
Auntie Mina;
Gogo Sina.

Homesick brown eyed
palagi boy
felt neither one
nor the other
not palagi
not Samoan
until Cousin Monty
gave him soul
Samoan laughter

Homesick golden haired
palagi boy
falling into dreamlike existence
falling into strong bonds of family

Talofa lava


Hi Sis, I remember your poem well you performed it beautiful but never knew you felt somewhat similar to being akakasi… As you know when we were little I always included you to be with me and hang out even over Knorr and Lame as I felt more comfortable with you and yes I saw that they treated you differently but always told them to lay off. Being afakasi got more obvious when I started high school where I could no longer pretend or hide the fact I knew nothing about my background nor pretend to understand the samoan language. I’ve written a little something for you if you would like to share it on your blog cool..
Love you sis
Grace Talitua Keevers (Maiden name Letoa)

Brown Afakasi
I’m New Zealand born
Father Samoan Mother Maori
Though I may look the part 

Polynesian teine
I feel as palagi as the rest.

My father refused to teach me my roots
Other than doing the Samoan Siva
Or learning the Poi
And eating the traditional me’ai.

I to, am not exempt from
She’s fia palagi remarks
Or the palagi jokes from my peers or aiga even,
But I still tried to fit in and laugh
Pretend to understand what my samoan friends were talking about
Or the awkwardness of being asked to do something in samoan
As they assumed I spoke samoan,
Then feeling shame when I give them a puzzled look on my face
Or I do the wrong thing!

I did wish I spoke my language
I did wish I knew my roots
But my parents wanted different for me
And I accept that
Now, I’m older and I continue to live a palagi life.

I’m a brown afakasi who only knows the mare basics, if that.
But I’m proud to be fia palagi
even though my Polynesian image may mislead you!

~ Grace Talitua Keevers

Love you sis xx


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